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Tuesday, MAR. 9
76ers @ BULLS
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Wednesday, MAR. 10
BULLS @ Detroit
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Friday, MAR. 12
BULLS @ Nets
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March 4, 2004
Let The
Babies Have It

Hornets may have won
game, but Bulls show they're
the better team

Remember when you would play your younger brother or a close friend in some sort of game of competetive sports?

Remember how you pretty much had your way with him and how he'd wine about every call or ruling that went your way? Then he'd try and get physical with you or try to take "cheap shots" at you when at all possible?

Well that is how the New Orleans Hornets behaved last night in their 100-97 win over our Chicago Bulls. Not only were they a bunch of babies, but the referees were there to coddle them and make sure they were put right to bed after the game.

From the refs taking the Bulls best player, Kirk Hinrich out of the game, to Robert "Tractor" Traylor taking a full swipe at Tyson Chandler and to Byron Davis who had such an awful game by his standards, had to resort to intimidation, crying and a bunch of empty chirping to make him feel he was at least doing his part before fouling out...and crying all the way to the bench for good measure.

Ya know what...so you won the game, large in part to some TERRIBLE calls which should have been ofensive fouls rather than defensive on a few of the Hornets players, but CLEARLY my team, the Chicago Bulls outplayed you...so there.

Don't get me started!

Of the many good things I saw last night was an outstanding performance by Linton Johnson who reached double figures for the first time as a Bull, and Tyson Chandler, who I thought, when taken out of the game, hindered the Bulls defensive flow to their game.

Now that I mention it...this game was so bogus, that even mild-manner Eddy Curry recieved a technical foul last night!...to go along with all the laughing by the Hornets after each, and I do mean EACH BLOWN CALL.

In my mind, the Bulls came out the winners of this one.

It's alright though...the Hornets will get what they have coming to them...another first round ousting in the playoffs, while our Chicago Bulls rethink things as to how to come back as a dynasty again.

Until then, lets let all these other teams get off on a few wins here and there to make them feel like they belong in this league.

Up next...Bulls at Philadelphia to take on an aging
Allen Iverson

Go Bulls! -The Pippen Watcher

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